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Did you know? Unfair dismissal statistics

December 2014

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In the period from 1 July 2014 to 30 September 2014 there were:

  • 3,668 unfair dismissal applications lodged with the Fair Work Commission;
  • the settlement rate of applications at conciliations was 79%;
  • all but 64 of the 3,007 conciliation conferences were conducted by phone; and
  • 86% of the arbitrated proceedings resulted in the application being dismissed.

These statistics establish that the unfair dismissal regime is alive and well. In particular, given that the filing fee for bringing a claim is so low ($67.20) and is usually refunded if the application resolves at conciliation, it is more likely than not that:

  • an aggrieved employee will make an application post-termination (i.e. within 21 days); and
  • the application will be settled, usually by the provision of a benefit to the ex-employee (e.g. re-categorisation the manner of termination, compensation etc.).

We have conducted many conciliation conferences, and a smaller number of arbitrated hearings in 2014 and are well placed to guide employers through the process of defending an unfair dismissal claim, should one be made against your business.

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