Employment Law Update

Employment Presentation: Getting Awards Right

29 July 2019

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Whether it is called wage theft, exploitation or simply underpayment, an employer not paying its employees in accordance with the minimum provisions set by a modern award can quickly lead to rack and ruin.

The latest in a long line of employers, George Calombaris’ Made Establishment company has been required to repay $7.8m of underpayments and a $200,000 contrition payment.  As a result, George Calombaris has been exposed to a sustained media attack on his personal reputation.

Added to the Fair Work Ombudsman’s focus on underpayments, the Coalition has also committed to criminalise wage theft.

At our presentation we outlined:

  • what you need to know about modern awards to ensure compliance;
  • the latest on ‘wage theft’ and the positions taken by unions, the Ombudsman and the government;
  • the penalties for non-compliance (noting these can extend to individuals, advisors to a company etc. under the accessorial liability provisions);
  • steps to avoid prosecutions; and
  • tips for managing an underpayment issue.

If you missed it, this presentation was held on 22 August 2019 at our office at Level 2, 77 Hunter Street, Newcastle.

We had a number of those involved in HR, payroll and executives with oversight of employees and payroll in attendance.

You can download a copy of the presentation here.